Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies in Demetrios.
Get half of the game cookies
Get all the game cookies
Die ten times
Experience half of the Game Overs
Experience all of the Game Overs
Eat 3 rotten things on the floor
Use at least 10 cookies
Get rid of Caroline at the hideout
Sandra insults her parents in her postcard
Sandra write insults about the hotel
Insult the statue in the last room
Do dirty things at the police station
Win 100 coins at the funfair
Win the Plate Shoot trophy
Win the Pet Shoot trophy
Win the Worm Race trophy
Win the Horse Race trophy
Turn the wheel and die
Win all the plushes at the funfair claw machines
Win 10,000 points on the pinball tombstone
Finish Chapter 1
Finish Chapter 2
Finish Chapter 3
Finish Chapter 4
Finish Chapter 5
Finish the game
Fall from the roof accidentally
Decide not to commit suicide after being poisoned
Create a clone of Bjorn and Caroline
Order Sandra to lick the statue
Refuse to help Henri
Try disturbing things on Henri
Put the entire plant in the sorcerer's glass
Forget to close the faucet before leaving Paris
Spill all the water in the container at the museum
Get all funfair items