de Blob 2 Trophy List

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All Trophies obtained!
"Paradise Island" level completed
"Downtown" level completed
"Blanctown" level completed
"The Senate" level completed
"Comrade Black U." level completed
"Blanc Cola Cannery" level completed
"Inktron Collider" level completed
"Blanc TV Factory" level completed
"Prison Zoo" level completed
"Inky Fabricator" level completed
"Rocket Range" level completed
"Hypno Ray" level completed
All Gold Clean-up awards completed
All Gold Liberation awards completed
All Gold Environment awards completed
All story levels completed to "S" class
Blob and Pinky completely upgraded
Every Gallery pickup collected
Every Inspiration pickup collected or earned
Pinky's Guide to Inkies completed
Blob and Pinky played a level together
All levels completed without upgrades
Completed 10 continuous piston jumps
All story levels completed in normal mode
Completed a level in a single playthrough without dying