Darkestville Castle Trophy List

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Keep the key to the castle.
There’s nothing behind the picture.
So it’s all about Dan again and again and again...
You've got talent for that.
Trash is important… most of the times.
Darkestville is a city of communication.
Who were these fellows?
You mom always said, that you shouldn’t drink something you’re not confident about.
I swear, I saw it!
It seems I didn’t’ know much about Dan. He’s such a nice guy!
He-he-he… he-he-he
Important thing is not to be eaten by chest.
As I said, you’ve got a talent.
Do you remember, what water and gremlins have in common?
Do you still trust vegans?
Grave New World.
Such a politically correct lycanthrope.
Are you serious? What a bore?
Bzzz? Bzzzzh!
What's the difference between mushrooms and buttercups?
Presto! Why did I not think of this before?
Confused, aren’t you? Well, you should be.
Wall? What wall?
It might have no wheels, still it’s a motorcycle.
(an awesome jingle plays here)
You didn't want to but you had to.
Why didn’t I join the Demon Trade Union?
The real Hell is tech support.
You’re not that much of a hacker.
You found you Kindred Spirit.
At least we’ve found a coupon inside.
I did say you’ve got a talent, didn’t I?
It’s pretty hard to say no to alcohol.
We don’t burn bridges – we build them!
I didn’t know it’s there.
You’re not just a Biologist now.
This ghost is vaguely familiar to you.
I guess, I’m starting to put all this together (actually no).
It’s useless, Vigo, useless!