Crash Time 4: The Syndicate Trophy List

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This trophy will unlock once you have earned all other trophies.
Level 1 finished.
Level 2 finished.
Level 3 finished.
Level 4 finished.
Finish your career successfully.
100% of the Single Player Game completed
Unlocked every car.
Unlocked every track.
Driven every car in the game at least once.
Driven a race on every track in the game.
Installed every single camera possible.
Activated every single informant possible.
30 Laps on racing track "Sprit-Raceway (R)".
30 Laps on off-road track "4x4 Club Circuit (R)".
Won 10 single races.
Won 50 single races.
Driven 1000 km in the game.
Destroyed 10 enemies.
Made 100 vehicles explode.
Trashed 1000 Objects.
Collided 100 times with traffic.
Caused €1 million damage during one race.
Drove a lap without causing any damage.
Finished one race without causing any damage.
Jumped 100 m.
Fell 30 m.
Driven 200 m backwards.
Totaled your car.
Driven 280 km/h for 15 seconds.
Won an online event (ranked or standard) in any mode.
Played a deathmatch to the end without dying.
Won a deathmatch without dying.