Cars 3: Driven to Win Trophy List

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Earn every trophy.
Perform 6 Air Tricks in a single jump.
Earn bronze, silver, or gold rings in every Thomasville Playground Challenge.
Complete 100 laps in Best Lap Challenges.
Drive backward for a total of 15 minutes.
Side Bash 15 Crash Karts in a single Takedown event.
Complete at least one event with every character.
Go "In the Zone" 30 times.
Complete 70 Air Tricks in a single Stunt Showcase event.
Use 15 turbo boosts in a single event.
Complete 50 Skill Checks.
Earn a total of 30 Stars in events.
Side Bash 100 cars.
Drive on 2 wheels for a total of 15 minutes.
Use 150 turbo boosts.
Get 3 perfect Quick Starts.
Complete all Skill Checks.
Collect all 10 hats in the Thomasville Playground.
Complete 6 waves in a single Takedown event.
Go "In the Zone" 4 times in a single event.
Destroy 1,000 Crash Karts in Takedown events.
Earn a Star in every event.