Bomber Crew Trophy List

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Unlock all the trophies in Bomber Crew
Complete the first mission
Sink 5 Submarines
Repair an engine mid-flight
Return to the airbase having successfully completed a mission
Destroy an enemy target
Complete a successful mission with all 7 crew surviving
Take a photo of an intel site
Bail out your entire crew
Destroy 50 enemy fighters
Destroy 20 enemy targets
Destroy 250 enemy fighters
Destroy 200 enemy targets
Land at the airbase with only one working engine
Complete 7 missions with the same 7 crew surviving
Have one of your crew survive 30 missions
Complete a mission and land at the airbase with less than 5% fuel remaining
Complete a mission and land at the airbase with 2 or fewer crew members surviving
Shoot down a V1 Rocket
Use 'focus' on all 4 gunner stations at once
Destroy a target using the Grand Slam bomb
Fully level up a crew member
Fully level up a crew member in two skills
Fly 10 missions
Fly 25 missions
Fly 40 missions
Encounter an Enemy Ace
Defeat an Enemy Ace
Defeat 4 Enemy Aces (in one campaign)
Defeat all Enemy Aces (in one campaign)
Complete the final mission