Bodycount Trophy List

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Win all Trophies available in Bodycount®
Complete the Induction mission
Achieve all objectives in Africa
Survive the first encounter with the Nemesis
Achieve all objectives in Asia
Break into The Target's Weapons Nexus
Defeat the K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker
Complete Single player campaign on easy
Complete Single player campaign on normal
Complete Single player campaign on hard
Collect highest value Intel following multiple skillkills
Upgrade OSB Pulse Wave
Upgrade OSB Explosive bullets
Upgrade OSB Adrenaline
Upgrade Airstrike in OSB
Take out a Sniper with a grenade
Take out 10 Scavengers
Take out ten Medics
Kill 10 enemies with a headshot
Kill 10 enemies through cover
Kill 10 enemies using melee
Kill 10 enemies from behind
Kill 10 enemies with explosives
Kill 10 enemies with grenades
Kill 10 enemies with mines
Kill 10 enemies while health is low
Kill 10 enemies with the last round in your weapon
Surprise kill 10 enemies
Kill 3 enemies at once with a single grenade
Skillkill 10 enemies in a row
Skillkill 25 enemies in a row
Kill 5 enemies at once with an Airstrike
Kill 50 enemies in a co-op mode siege
Kill 100 enemies in a co-op mode siege
Survive the Medicenter siege
Survive the Pirate Bay siege
Survive the Mine siege
Survive the Street siege
Win a Deathmatch
Win a Team Deathmatch
Win ten Deathmatches of any type
Score 1000 online kills