Bandit Six: Combined Arms Trophy Guide

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Welcome to the Bandit Six: Combined Arms trophy guide for Playstation 4. This is a VR game that puts you in the seat of a turret gunner and requires you to fight off waves of enemies from the rear of an aeroplane or from the ground as a turret gunner. The game has a relatively easy platinum that you can get in around 6-8 hours. No trophies can be missed and the hardest part is getting 3 stars in every mission. As you progress you unlock better powers making it easier to go back and get 3 stars in the earlier missions which is why I think this Bandit Six: Combined Arms trophy guide deserves 2/10 for difficulty. 

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 6-8 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/27
  • Offline Trophies : 27/27
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Bandit Six: Combined Arms is split up into 2 smaller games. The first is where you are a tail gunner on a plane. You must shoot down other planes that attack you. The second is more like a tower defence game mode where you place your towers and you then get to sit inside any of the towers and control the gun. Both game modes are structured the same way. You have a list of missions to complete, you need to get 3 stars in every one in order to get all of the trophies. There are lots of other trophies that you can unlock randomly in the game and almost all of them should come naturally. As you progress, you earn currency to purchase upgrades. By the time you get to the final mission, you should have unlocked some of the more expensive and powerful power-ups. This allows you to go back and get 3 stars on some of the earlier missions in the game. Since the game is split up into small mini missions, there is no fixed roadmap for this. Do whatever game mode you want and aim to get 3 stars in every mission.

Tail Gunner Game Mode

This game mode is fun, for a while, but it does get boring. It requires quite a bit of grinding to get all of the upgrades that you need to get the trophies. If you are very good at this, you will need to do extra grinding, because you will not get enough currency to purchase everything if you get 3 stars in every mission. As you play the missions, spend your currency upgrading your armour and guns. The power-ups are not too important for the moment. You need to grind lots of missions anyway, so getting 3 stars first time around is not critical. You will need to fully upgrade your armour and all 3 guns for a trophy, so there is no need to hold off upgrading the low powered guns and save the money for the high powered ones (like i did before learning i had to upgrade everything). Once all of the guns are upgraded, you can start purchasing the power-up upgrades. Make sure you purchase an upgrade for 3 separate power-ups. If there are some missions you are having a hard time getting 3 stars in, the power-up upgrades will be the best way for you to complete them. Focus on the following power-ups.

Slowdown – Incredibly valuable as it lets you destroy planes before they get close to you. You get up to 150 bonus points per kill depending on how far away the plane is when you blow it up.
Multiplier – When fully upgraded this will multiply the score by 5. If you kill 3 planes in a row you will get an x15 multiplier which in a lot of cases will be enough points to get 3 stars. Generally, if this drops and you have it fully upgraded, you are sure to get 3 stars.
Heavy Lead – Does more damage, pretty obvious why its good.

You can upgrade any other power-ups if you wish, but these are the 3 I focussed on and they were all I needed to get 3 stars on every mission.

Ground Turret Gunner Game Mode

This game mode is by far the most fun and requires a lot less grinding, which is unfortunate as I would have happily spent more time grinding these games than the tail gunner one. Most of the missions are quite easy and can be completed without even needing to apply power-ups to the turrets. I would suggest you do the tutorial here as there is a little more strategy to the tower placement and understanding what the different types of towers do. There are a couple of trophies that require you to destroy all beach landers before they land on the beach and same with the choppers that carry in tanks. To get these you will have to focus on it (if you don’t happen to get it by accident). Once you have a lot of good power-ups applied, the other turrets will pick up some of the slack while you focus on the particular enemy you are going for. Doing it on the earlier missions is obviously the best way to go about this.

Be victorious and crush all the enemy forces

Unlocks automatically when you collect all other trophies in the game.

Upgrade any gun to inflict the maximun level of damage

Tail Gunner Mode
In the upgrade mode, upgrade the damage of any gun to the max. The light machine gun will cost less to upgrade, so go for this one first.

Upgrade any gun to the maximum rate of fire

Tail Gunner Mode
In the upgrade mode, upgrade the rate of fire of any gun to the max. The light machine gun will cost less to upgrade, so go for this one first.

Upgrade any gun to the maximum cooling level

Tail Gunner Mode
In the upgrade mode, upgrade the cooling of any gun to the max. The light machine gun will cost less to upgrade, so go for this one first.

Buy 3 different power ups

Tail Gunner Mode
You can't purcase power-ups so this one is a bit off. You need to purchase an upgrade for 3 separate power-ups in order to get this trophy.

Complete a mission with a rank of three stars outside of basic training

Tail Gunner Mode
You are bound to get this automatically. To get the plat, you need to get 3 stars in every mission.

Complete all the timed missions

Tail Gunner Mode
This will come as you make your way through all of the missions. None of them are particularly difficult.

Get a kill of every type of enemy plane

Tail Gunner Mode
This will come naturally as you make it through all of the missions.

Get maximum guns and armour

Tail Gunner Mode
This is going to take a bit of grinding if you are good at the game. Some of the missions are tough and will require some upgrades. You will find you need to grind in order to get the upgrade before being able to complete the mission, so you should end up getting this before getting 3 stars in everything. Unless you kick ass at this game.

Get a kill streak of at least 5

Tail Gunner Mode
This should also come naturally as you get better at this game mode. Toward the end there are a lot of missions where there are a shit load of enemies. If you have been purchasing upgrades, you will easily get a kill streak of 5. Kill streaks burn out very quickly. You need to kill enemies within seconds of eachother to make it count. If you are having trouble, try to weaken a large amount of enemies on the early missions, but do not kill them. As they come around for the second fly by, they will already be close to death allowing you to take them out very fast and get the trophy.

Complete ten missions with a rank of three stars

Tail Gunner Mode
See "Gold Star"

Complete all the protection missions without losing a single bomber

Tail Gunner Mode
It is very hard to lose a bomber. They have a lot of health and it is quite easy to take out the planes that attack them. I am pretty sure to get 3 stars you need to keep them all alive, but as i said, it is hard to lose a bomber so I'm not 100% sure.

Complete a mission with no damage

Tail Gunner Mode
This is most easily done on the very first mission once you have unlocked all of the upgrades. It is much easier to take out the enemies quickly once you have the heavy machine gun and go back to the very first non tutorial mission.

Complete all the missions with a rank of three stars

Tail Gunner Mode
This is not all that hard. Some missions are quite tricky to get 3 stars in, but the important thing to remember is that you can grind the easy missions and then go back and get 3 stars on the hard ones once you have purchases all of the power-up upgrades and machine gun upgrades. The machine gun upgrades are obvious, but make sure to purchase upgrades for the multiplier and the slowdown. You will get 150 points if you take out a plane from a distance. If you have the slowdown active this is much easier to do. Upgrading this power-up will increase the duration of the slowdown. The multiplier upgrades increase the multiplier value. By defauly it is x2, but you can upgrade it to be x5. This means 1 kill gives you 5 times the normal points. This also stacks with kill streaks so you can very easily get a x25 multiplier if you are able to kill 5 planes in a row. There is no way to guarantee a multipler drop, but if you replay a mission over and over you will eventually get it and for me, I was always able to get the 3 stars when the multipler finally dropped.

Upgrade all of your guns on one level

Ground Turret Mode
You will get this naturally as you purchase gun upgrades

Destroy 15 enemies in a level with the machine gun

Ground Turret Mode
This should come naturally. The final mission, in particular, seems impossible to do unless you stick to a machine gun, so you should have no trouble unlocking this one.

Shoot down a helicopter with the artillery

Ground Turret Mode
Artillery is the large yellow cannon. They can take out the choppers quite easily so get 1 kills to get this.

Complete a level using only the mortar and artillery

Ground Turret Mode
Go back to the very first level once you are good at the game. The artillery is a really good gun once you have gotten the hang of it. The AI is quite good at controlling the mortar when there are enemies on the beach so you can take out the planes and other long range enemies and the AI will take care of the enemies on the beach.

Get a rank of three stars outside of basic training

Ground Turret Mode
Pretty simple, there are a lot of very easy missions.

Complete a level without losing a single gun in a level after basic training

Ground Turret Mode
Also a very easy trophy. You should be able to get through most of the missions without loosing a turret.

Sink an enemy destroyer

Ground Turret Mode
Destroyers are the giant war ships that appear now and then. You will hear an alarm when they arrive and they will start launching choppers, missiles and smaller ships at you. The Artillery is the best gun to take out these ships. They appear in quite a lot of missions. You can actually use these to get 3 stars in some hard missions. Beat the destroyer down until it has very little health left. Start taking out a lot of smaller enemies to build up your multiplier and when it is at x10, take out the destroyer for 10'000 points.

Destroy all the landing craft in a level before they deploy

Ground Turret Mode
This is 1 of the 2 tricky trophies in the game, but being honest, i got this out without even noticing. Don't bother going for this trophy until you have completed all of the missions as you may get this one without having to try. The landing crafts are the blue ships that race toward the shore and drop off some kind of vehicle before sailing away. The machine gun with the armor piercing power-up does a really good job at taking these boats down. Choose one of the early missions and make sure you have upgrades on all your guns. Pick a machine gun turret and focus on all of the landing crafts that come sailing in. Forget any other enemies and focus purely on the landing crafts, the trophy will unlock as soon as the final one has been destroyed, you dont need to complete the level to get the trophy.

Get all the generals to safety

Ground Turret Mode
There is a mission that requires you to escort a few jeps through a level. You must repel any enemies and destroy barricades that are blocking the road. Focus on destroying these barricades early on, before many enemies arrive. This way you can be sure the generals have a clear path and all you need to do is kill the enemies. This mission is actually very easy though. I screwed up the placement of the turrets and ended up loosing all but 1 machine gun and still managed to get 3 stars and keep all of the generals alive.

Get a rank of three stars on 5 levels

Ground Turret Mode
See "Master gunny"

Destroy all the transport helicopters in a level before they land

Ground Turret Mode
This one is harder than destroying the beach landers as the transport helicopters have a lot more health than the transport ships. The machine gun with the armor piercing upgrade and the explosive upgrade is the best chance you have for this one. I had to focus on this one, but it wasn't hard either. Make sure you take out the transport choppers as quick as possible and forget about any other enemies on the map at that time. So long as you are quick, you won't have any trouble with this. It is obviously easier to get this on the earlier missions, but as with the landing craft, wait until you have completed all of the missions in the game before putting any effort into this as you might get it without even trying.

Shoot down 5 helicopters in one level with the mortar

Ground Turret Mode
The mortar sucks at shooting helicopters and part of me thinks that this is a bit bugged. I have hit many helicopters as they were flying in and the bullets just go right through the helicopter without doing any damage. The only way to destroy a helicopter is to wait until it is attacking you or another turret. They generally hover when they attack making it easier to hit them with a mortar attack. If you are stuck with this one, apply the cooldown power-up so you can fire more rapidly. This trophy sounds a lot harder than it actually is. Once you atually try it, you will find that it isnt actually that hard.

Complete every level with a rank of three stars

Ground Turret Mode
This is far easier than "Gold star". This game mode is more fun and a lot easier which makes getting 3 stars a cake walk. By the time i had completed the final mission, I needed to go back to 2 other missions to get the 3 stars. The final mission in the game, is a tough one to get 3 stars in. There are not that many enemies and the ones that do come, come in such a low frequency that it is hard to build up a combo to get good points. The AI gunners seem absolutely useless in this mission. I was able to make a video of a good strategy fo this one for anyone who is having trouble. The video is below, but if you want a full, detailed walkthrough on getting 3 stars on Pacific Whale, click the link.