Arizona Sunshine Trophy List

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Climb the scaffold in the level Traintracks
Finish the level Refinery
Finish the level Traintracks
Finish the level Caves
Collect all the guns in the game
Kill all zombies that are locked up in the cage in Canyon
Throw a duck
Collect all the ducks in the game
Kill 20 zombies using grenades
Finish the level Bridge
Kill 50 zombies with a Headshot
Walk a distance of 10 miles
Collect 20 burgers
Eat 10 burgers
Kill 100 zombies with a Headshot
Complete the Apocalyptic Mode
Unlock all the trophies in the game
Play for a total of 2 hours
Shoot with a sniper in the game
Pick up all shovels inside the shop in the level Sunshine
Finish the level Trailerpark
Listen to the radio in the level Sunshine
Complete the entire campaign!
Finish the level Canyon
Be the only survivor in Horde Mode
Collect some loot!
Collect a ton of loot!
Kill 300 zombies in Horde Mode (streak)
Kill 600 zombies in Horde Mode (streak)
Play the game for 4 hours in a row
Play for a total of 3 hours
Finish the level Sunshine
Kill 400 zombies in Horde Mode (streak)
Shoot with the Machine Gun in the Refinery