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Alienation is a top down shooter with a strong emphasis on multiplayer. Take control of a soldier and battle your way through hordes of aliens with friends online.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 60-80 Hours+ (Luck dependent)
  • Difficulty : 4
  • Online Trophies : 0/42
  • Offline Trophies : 42/42
  • Num Playthroughs : Minimum 4

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Alienations trophy list is relatively straightforward. Getting all of the trophies shouldn’t be challenging, but it will take a lot of time. You will need to get a character to level 30 4 different times and complete the campaign up to 4 times. On top of this there is one trophy that requires you to obtain a legendary weapon with 12 slots. Legendary weapons are incredibly rare to begin with, getting one with 12 slots is even harder. Since this trophy is entirely luck based, it can potentially take a very long time to get the platinum trophy for Alienation.

Alienation contains a DLC pack and a season pass (good value) that will automatically level your character up to level 15. This cuts a massive amount of time from the work required to get to level 30 with all characters. If you wish to get to the end a bit faster, purchasing the season pass will definitely get you there.

1. Play The Game On Normal With All 3 Classes

There are 3 different classes to choose from. You will need to complete all 20 story missions and then make sure the characters get leveled up to 30. This will take some time, but if you have some friends to play it with, it should be enjoyable. You will get a lot of other trophies along the way, but there is no need to focus on them at the moment. Since they can be random and luck based, it is easier to wait until the end and work toward them then.

Get all trophies

Collect all other trophies

Complete all story locations

This will unlock once you complete all 20 story missions for the first time.

Complete all individual missions in Pripyat

Complete all of the Pripyat missions.

Complete all individual missions in Ashland

Complete all of the Ashland missions.

Complete all individual missions in Fort Itaipu

Complete all of the Fort Itaipu missions.

Complete all individual missions in Barrow

Complete all of the Barrow missions.

Kill 20 or more Xenos with a single mine or grenade

Seems hard, but it's quite easy. It is much easier to do this solo, but it is highly likely that you will get this without even trying during your travels. If you are unable to get it. Play the very first mission of the game in solo mode. Run around and get as many enemies as possible to follow you. Once they are all following, throw the grenade and it should kill far more than 20.

In solo play, finish off a Goliath with a melee attack

Goliaths are the large giants with a weird tentacle looking hand. They will perform a ground pound that can do a lot of damage. Killing them with a melee isn't hard, but you will need to wear them down to the point where the goliath is almost dead and then deliver the killing blow. It can be annoying to get this one right as you might not leave enough health and kill them with a bullet by accident. Doing this on the easiest difficulty is of course advised, this will let your melee attacks do additional damage.

In solo play, get a multiplier of 10x

You multiplier will only go as far as 5 by default. You can increase this multiplier by killing enemies.

Reach level 30 as Bio-Specialist

This is 1 of 3 trophies where you must get a character to level 30. It is quite time consuming, but you can speed it up if you purchase the season pass. You will be automatically leveled up to level 15 once you have the DLC for this. It will of course, save a hell of a lot of time. Keep playing games to make your way up to level 30. Playing on veteran will help you get there much faster and since you are looking to get the legendary weapon drop, you should be playing on the hardest difficulty as often as possible.

One great thing i found with this was looking for games with elite players. I was level 12 and joined in a game with 3 guys who had hero levels that were over 100. By the time i finished the level, I was now level 30 and also got around 11 hero levels. You obviously bring things down for the others, but if it helps you get to level 30 faster, all the better.

Reach level 30 as Saboteur

See "Doctor of Death".

Reach level 30 as Tank

See "Doctor of Death".

Gain access to and complete the Battleship mission

This will come as part of the main story and can't be missed if you want to progress.

Gain access to and complete the Mothership mission

This will be the final mission that you do and is one of the more difficult ones. It might take a few attempts to get it done, but with some friends, it won't be all that trouble, especially on the easier difficulties.

Complete all story locations as Bio-Specialist

Complete all 20 story missions as the Bio-Specialist and this will unlock.

Complete all story locations as Saboteur

Complete all 20 story missions as the Saboteur and this will unlock.

Complete all story locations as Tank

Complete all 20 story missions as the Tank and this will unlock.

Complete a level with accuracy rating of 90% or higher with 300 or more bullets fired

I would suggest you use the pistol or some other slow firing weapon so that you don't accidentally shoot some extra bullets after killing the enemy. The first level of the game is the easiest in terms of getting swarmed. Take it slow and get as many hits as you can with a relatively low powered weapon. This way you can get a couple of shots on 1 enemy to increase your accuracy percentage without having to put yourself into any sticky situations. The best thing you can do is take it slow and be careful with your trigger finger.

In solo play, complete a level without firing your weapons once

As you might have guessed, play on the easiest difficulty and rush like hell. Skip as many enemies as you can. If you have played any of the Call of Duty Zombie games, you will be familiar with what is called a "Rape Train". Get a large amount of enemies to run after you and when they are all bunched together, take them all out as a group to maximise firepower. You of course can't use guns, but you can use your knife and powers. It will be much easier doing this with a character that is a higher level since it will mean you have more health and more points spent on your powers.

In solo play, complete a level without using your Abilities, including rush and melee

Pretty much the opposite of "Presentation of a Rich Set of Skills". Make it through a level with only using a gun. It is a little easier to do this one in terms of difficulty, but if you have been playing this game for a while, it gets really hard not to activate an ability or use melee. Its a muscle reflex after a while, so it does get difficult doing this once you have spent longer amounts of time playing the game. The requirements are simple however, you just need to be careful with your reflexes.

In solo play, activate every respawn beacon in one story location as a Hardcore character

Respawn beacons are the green triangle icons on the map. When you activate one it will give you a protective shield around you until you reactivate it. It is possible to blow these up and if you destroy one, you wont be able to get the trophy for finishing this level. Make sure you check the map to see that all beacons have been activated. If you check the map at the start, you will be able to plan out a route much better. If you are having a hard time with this, you can play a map you find easy, on easy and go and scope out the map so you know where to find all the beacons and the easiest/fastest way to get through them all.

In solo play, gather three different Xenoflowers without the bonus effect of any of them dissipating

The video below will show you the best location to obtain this trophy. All you need to do is get 3 flowers at one time without the time running out.

Equip every weapon and equipment slot with at least a level 30 legendary weapon or equipment

This is one of the more difficult trophies since it is based quite heavily on luck. Playing on the hardest difficulty and destroying the respawn beacons will increase the chances of legendary weapons dropping, but there is nothing you can really do to make this come faster. Eventually you will find a level 30 legendary weapon of each type. Once you have them all, equip the weapons and fill the slots on each one.

Insert 12 maximum level cores into a legendary quality weapon

As you play, you will see cores getting dropped by enemies. They are usually level 1 or 2. In the main menu, you can combine cores to create a higher level core. You will need to collect a lot of cores to be able to create 12 max level cores, but this isn't the issue with this trophy. This is the most time consuming trophy in the game because it is so incredibly rare to find a legendary weapon that has 12 slots in it. As I have mentioned a few times, there is very little you can do to make this trophy come faster. You are just going to have to grind and grind for a long ass time. You may of course get lucky, but it is unlikely. Keep an eye on every legendary weapon you find to see if it contains 12 slots and if it does, hold onto that thing tight, because you wont be so lucky to get another one again so quickly.

Equip weapons and equipment of at least level 30 in every slot, and fully socket them with maximum level cores.

The weapons don't need to be any particular grade, so they can be level 30 of basic weapons. This is actually easier to do if you have the lower tier weapons since they often have 2 or 3 slots. It is much quicker to fill the slots with cores when you have less slots to fill. This will come as you are working toward filling the cores on the level 30 legendary weapons.

Reroll weapon or equipment attributes 100 times

When you find a weapon, you can reroll the stats of it. I found this term quite weird since there isn't really a reroll being performed it is more of an upgrade. Either way, you need to upgrade different weapons 100 different times. You will likely get this as time goes on. If you need to grind it, go for the lower tier weapons. It is cheaper to reroll the low quality weapons.

Reach level 30 as any class on Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is not fun, at least not to me. If you die it is game over. This means you could play for 20 hours, get to level 29, die, and it would be game over. Start again from scratch! There is a silver lining to this though. If you complete a level, exit the game and backup the game save. If you die in the next level, you can quit and restore the game save and start the level again without actually having to play the entire game again. Once you get the swing of things it isnt so bad. You should wait until you are more experienced with the game before doing this. Once you have found a class you like and are good with, you will find yourself flying through the game on hardcore mode.

Acquire a rank 6 core

You can obtain higher level cores by combining the lower level cores together. This will come over time. The more you play, the more cores that get dropped. You will eventually have enough to get a rank 6 core.

Complete 20 assignments with one character

Assignments can be selected from the character menu. They usually involve things like killing X of enemy type Y with a weapon of type Z. You get a nice bonus for completing them, so there should be an incentive to get them done in general.

Acquire your first legendary

This will unlock automatically once you obtain a legendary weapon.

Gain an access key to a UFO

This is a random drop, you will get it eventually.

Complete 100 challenge and/or hitman events with one character

These events will pop up randomly as you are playing missions. Complete them as you find them and this will come in time.

Reach hero level 100

Seems like a crazy number, but it actually isnt that bad. It will require a lot more grinding to get the legendary weapon than it will to get a character to hero level 100. Just keep playing the game and doing as many missions as you can. The XP will come over time.

Complete the Mothership mission from start to finish in local co-op

Local coop is a pain in the ass. IF you are super confident you can try this on easy and use 2 controllers, but this is a tough level and will be tricky to do with just one player and another inactive player getting in the way.

Complete the Battleship mission from start to finish in local co-op

See "I'm back and I brought a friend".

Complete a mission on the Master difficulty

Once you have a high level character with some good weapons, this will be where you want to spend your time to increase the odds of getting legendary weapons.

Equip armor with modifiers

You will eventually get a piece of armor with a modifier. They usually drop as rewards for missions. If one drops, equip it to get the trophy.

Complete three different weekly missions

This will take a max of 3 weeks since new missions pop up once a week. They can be fairly tough..actually they can be incredibly tough. You will need to be a high level in order to be able to take on these missions. It will likely take more than 3 weeks to go for the other trophies so make sure to complete these missions as they show up.

Hit at least 6 living Xenos with a Vortex Grenade in Pripyat amusement park

You must get the vortex grenade as part of the weapon DLC. It is an amazingly powerful grenade, so it is worth owning it. In the Pripyat map, there is a merry go round. Just make sure to hit some enemies here, at least 6 to get the trophy. It is fairly easy.

Get the killing blow on an enemy with at least two Devastators' beams hitting each other.

This is an odd one. Im not quite sure what i did to make it unlock. It seems you and another player need to be shooting at the same enemy and their beam needs to hit off your beam ( sounds gay). When you get the killing blow, while another devastator beam is hitting yours, the trophy will pop.

Hit at least 20 enemies with a single fully charged Collapser shot

This is fairly easy if you run around one of the easier levels and get a large amount of enemies running after you. Charge up the gun and you should hit far more than 20 in order to unlock this trophy.

Have all different primary weapons in your inventory, with at least Rare rarity

This is annoying, because you want to leave space for any random drops and not have to pause the game in the middle of the action to risk getting killed if something good does drop for you. In general, you should be tossing away any of the low quality weapons you drop, so filling the inventory with rare weapons isn't as hard as it sounds.