Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Trophy List

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Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers
Complete both IJN Campaigns
Complete both USN Campaigns
Sink 5 destroyers in campaign game mode
Sink a carrier in campaign game mode
Hit a moving ship with a torpedo
Hit a manoeuvring ship with a torpedo
Successfully land on carrier at mission’s end
Reach maximum experience (255) with any pilot.
Sink 20 ships in campaign mode
Shoot down 100 enemy planes in campaign mode
Perform 3 kills in row in MP
Place in top half in multiplayer match with at least 6 players
Place first in multiplayer match with at least 6 players
Play 15 multiplayer matches to the end
Win 5 multiplayer matches with USN team
Win 5 multiplayer matches with IJN team