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Aer is a puzzle game with a particularly attractive art style. There are no difficulty levels and only one missable trophy, which isn’t easily missed if you pay attention. All in all, this should be a very easy platinum.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 2-4 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/21
  • Offline Trophies : 21/21
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Since there is only one trophy that can’t be obtained by free roaming after you complete the game, check out the trophy guide for Hide and Seek  to make sure you do not miss the conversation opportunities. Other than this, you are better off just playing the game and get whatever trophies you can along the way. Waiting until the end to get any of the exploration trophies is best since you might end up getting some along with way. Saves time in the long run.

Once you complete the game you can select “Continue” from the main menu and it will start you off outside the Creators Shrine where you are free to explore and do whatever you like. This is your chance to clean up any of the trophies you missed the first time around.

Most of the trophies will involve you flying to some island, waiting for the trophy to unlock and off you go. The video guide below will guide you through the entire game and help you get the platinum trophy as quick as possible.

Find the ancient battlefield.
Head north from the cave with the fox until you reach an oval shaped island. There are a bunch of glowing symbols here that you need to fly down to. Equip your lantern and walk around these symbols until the trophy pops.
Find the chiseled stone map.
Underneath the east side of the island where you find the second temple, you will find some small islands.The aren’t visible on the map, but they are there. There is a large mural on one of the islands down here. Go over to this and the trophy will unlock.
Find the giant birdshrine.
Head west from the second temple until you come across the ruins of a pigeon house. It looks like a tower with loads of small holes in it. There will be birds on the walls. Stand out the front and the trophy will unlock.
Find the statue of the fox.
The fox statue can be found north of the second temple. If you head north you will find two circular islands. On the top island you will find the statue. Stand in front of the statue to unlock the trophy.
Find the statue of the deer.
Head south east from the settlement until you reach a circular island. There are no other islands attached to this one which makes it easier to identify. Land on this island and walk around until the trophy unlocks.
Find the statue of the crane.
Head to the south east corner of the map and you will come across the Ruins of Onn. The island can be easily identified as it is in the shape of a crescent moon. At the top of the moon is a circular island with the crane statue. Walk to this statue and the trophy will unlock.
Step into the well.
In the settlement there is a well. Jump into the water here and the trophy will unlock.
Explore the Land of Gods.
Escape the collapsing cave.
This will unlock after the tutorial. It can’t be missed.
Complete the Eventide Sanctuary.
This is part of the story and can’t be missed.
Complete the The Archives.
This is part of the story and can’t be missed.
Complete the The Monastery.
This is part of the story and can’t be missed.
Complete the game.
This is pretty simple game and can be completed quite quick. Check out the main walkthrough for tips on completing the game along with a complete video tutorial. You can’t miss this trophy so you can easily get through the story without needing any guide.
Speak to all of the spirit animals.

There are three spirit animals that you need to speak with to get this trophy. You can go and speak with them whenever you want.

Deer: You get the first temple key in this cave so you will speak to him through natural progression

Fox: He shows up throughout the game, but you must go to the cave to speak with him. You can find the cave north of the second temple.

Bear: You will find him to the south west of the cave where you find the key to the third temple.

The video guide below will show you the locations for all of the spirit animals if you are stuck.

Discover all areas of the map.
There is a good chance you will get this as you make it through the story. Portions of the map are revealed as you discover new areas of the game. The trophy will unlock once you have the entire map revealed. You can press triangle to show the map and you can fly to any areas you are missing to reveal it.
Get some Lambaby love.
From the settlement fly around until you across the farming fields nearby. There will be a body of water and a bridge going over it. Land here and you will find a mother sheep with her lambs. Walk over and the lambs will run to you and hearts will appear above their heads. The trophy should unlock after this.
Find Erin when she's gone.

This trophy can be missed so it is best to track this one to save yourself having to repeat anything. Speak with all family members at the settlement. You should be able to speak with the father, wife and Erin twice each before the dialogue begins to repeat. Make sure you exhaust the conversation before you move on. You will need to speak with them on four different occasions. If you forget to speak with them at some point, you will miss the trophy so make sure you speak with them.

  1. After you escape the first cave of the game where you obtain the lanter, you will find them at the camp fire. Speak to the 3 until they stop saying anything new.
  2. After collecting the first temple key the 3 of them will be at the campfire again.
  3. After you complete the first temple you will find Erin laying on a tree stump by the campfire.
  4. The final time will be after you collect the second temple key. You will find Erin on the cliff above the campsite. The trophy will unlock when you speak with her.

The video below will guide you through all of the conversations.

Find the Ancient Llamba.
At the top of the map on the same island as the Monastery Temple, fly around to the back of the island and you will find the Llamba frozen in a block of ice.
Find the Crab Island.
Fly north east of the settlement until you get to a series of round island. The first one looks like it is all water but if you fly closer you will see a small bit of sand in the middle. Land here and stand with the crabs that are dancing to get the trophy.
Find the bones of an old beast.
You can find this north east of the location you get the second temple key. The area is called kings pass. You will find a round island and see a large ribcage. Walk inside this to get the trophy.
Find the dwellings of the rift cult.
If you head east from the cave with the spirit bear you will find a round island with a cave. You can find it by looking out for fire. Equip your lantern and keep walking until the trophy pops.