Aegis Defenders Trophy List

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Platinum Trophy
Complete Chapter 1
Complete Chapter 2
Complete Chapter 3
Complete Chapter 4
Complete Chapter 5
Complete Chapter 6
Unlock Clu
Unlock Bart
Unlock Kaiim
Unlock Zula
Collect 5 Relics
Collect 15 Relics
Collect All Relics
Kill 100 Enemies
Kill 200 Enemies
Kill 300 Enemies
Defeat the Breath Dragon
Defeat the Zanoh
Defeat the MadXArmor
Beat the Game on Hard
Beat the Game on Insane
Buy 5 Items
Buy 15 Items
Buy All Items
Earn 50 RP from Dialog Choices
Complete an Entire Area without Dying
Complete the Game without Dying
Discovered Aegis
Obtained the Blood of a God
Rescued Shreya
Found Kobo and the Clarent