A Pixel Story Trophy List

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And so, the story is over… or is it?! Yes, yes it is. Sorry.
Complete The Valley.
Complete The Temple.
Complete The Bayou.
Complete The Volcano.
Complete The Forest.
Complete The Lab.
Successfully cache using the Hat.
Remain awake long enough to learn the veteran's identity.
Complete any challenge room.
Ride Kevin the Pig and get a score of 2,000 or more.
Discover the secret identity of Kelly the Canary.
Help Gus the Mushroom and then score 400 or more in his game.
Complete the fourth clone puzzle.
Help the Kernel and then score 5,000 or more at his dance party.
Free the blue creature and look at him go!
Return to the Bayou to witness the glorious end of a Great Mech.
Have you really got time to be bouncing around in the Forest?
Enter the Sacred Code in front of the ancient mural.
Locate and enter the store in Generation 4.
Enter the City and bring down the tyrannical Operator.
Use the Hat to cache 2048 times.
Complete any challenge room with 'A Strange New World' activated.
Find the Lamplight Room and talk to all of the developers.
Scour the System and find all six Iconic Items.
Locate and destroy all six miniature castles hidden throughout the System.
Find and collect every coin in the System.
Free the System with all pieces of Memory collected.
Find and collect every piece of Memory hidden throughout the System.
Free the System faster than the devs ever did.
Complete all 15 Challenge Rooms in Story Mode.
Complete the Challenge Room Death Run.