36 Fragments of Midnight Trophy Guide

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This is a very basic platforming game where the world is procedurally generated. Each time you reset, the world changes, making guides quite useless. Thankfully the game is very easy and getting the platinum trophy is quite easy.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 1
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/12
  • Offline Trophies : 12/12
  • Num Playthroughs : 7+

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

You should unlock Stuned , Cutted in half and Squared unicorn as you play, so you can save these until the end if you don’t unlock them naturally. Might as well focus on getting the fragments first and see what you get along the way. The speed run is going to be the hardest part of this game.

I have shamefully gotten the platinum 3 times and each time that I got 36 fragments, I was under 5 minutes. It is best to wait until you are familiar with the game before really getting stuck into this. The fastest one is tough enough and stacks with Super fast .You need to collect all 36 fragments in under 6 minutes. It’s not a breeze but doable once you are familiar with the game. The rest of the guide outside of the speed runs is quite simple. Die with fragments 1, 35 and 36 might come naturally during the speed run attempts so save these for the end.

Become a master collector
Get 36 fragments
This is what the game is all about, collecting the 36 fragments. You will likely get 36, multiple times. The hard part is doing it in under 6 minutes.
Get 18 fragments
This is half of the fragments. The game keeps count, shouldn’t be hard to get these.
Get 36 fragments in less than 6 Min
This is the only hard trophy in the game. It isn't crazy hard, but it will likely piss you off at some stage. You need to collect all 36 fragments and make it back to the starting position in under 6 minutes. It is critical you take note of where you started so you can get back quickly. The best way to do this is to clear 1 floor at a time. If you start jumping up and down the levels you will quickly forget whether you have gone down a path before and waste valuable time. Every time that I got the 36 fragments and made it back to the start, it was under 5 minutes, so this is a reliable way to do it. Start by going to the left, then go to the right. Go back left again and take the first path up or down. Clear this floor by going left and right before moving up to the next level. If you have reached the bottom or top, backtrack to where you started the game and take the opposite direction. This is helpful as it gives you a refresher as to where the start point is.
Die by a laser
If this doesn't come naturally, you can walk into one of the white lines. There is usually a danger sign next to the line so you can identify it easily. Get killed by the laser and the trophy is yours. Gold trophy for getting killed!
Die by a saw
These come in a few shapes and sizes, pretty easy to identify. Walk into one to get a second gold trophy for getting killed.
Die by a spike
Here we are, the third trophy you can unlock from just getting killed. Jump into some spikes to get it.
Die with only 1 fragments
Find a single fragment and get killed. Hopefully this isn’t one that comes naturally!
Die with 35 fragments
Find 35 fragments and then walk into some trap to kill yourself.
Die with 36 fragments
Collect all 36 fragments and get killed before making it back to the start point.
Get 36 fragments in less than 10 Min

Collect all fragments AND make it back to the start point. See The fastest one for more.

Get 1 fragments
Should be the first trophy you unlock. Collect your first fragment and this shiny gold trophy is all yours for no work at all!