Viewed an Easter Egg.

World : Kaptar

This trophy is unlocked using the same machine from the "Sweet Revenge" trophy. You can only get this trophy after you have unlocked "Sweet Revenge" as the machine needs to be broken. This was a tricky one to unlock and caused confusion for people on the PC version as the code you need to enter is different for every version of the game, I have not confirmed whether this is the case for the PS4 version of the game, but we can assume so. There is a brilliant guide on steam that will explain how to get this trophy in great detail, but it contains some spoilers, so do not read this until you are ready to unlock this trophy

To give a TL;DR for this guide, you need to get the box from "Sweet Revenge" off the ground and enter a code e.g."01189998819991197253" into the box using the keypad and press the return button to finish. The lights will be flashing on the box and this means it is ready for the easter egg code, so once doing this you can head back to Farleys house and turn on the projector where the map was.

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