PS4 Trophy Lists - PS4 Trophies

PSN Trophies have become a large part of the PlayStation platform. Unlike previous generations, trophy lists are required on all PlayStation 4 games. This means that every single game released will have them. PS4 trophies will be included on every title released on the PlayStation 4.

The trophy system has remained unchanged since it was launched on the PlayStation 3 and further released on the Vita. Each list will contain bronze, silver, gold and for larger games, a platinum trophy. The gamers can then earn trophies by playing games and completing the requirements for each trophy.

This site contains all of the PS4 trophy lists that have been released so far. Use the search feature below to find the game you are looking for. Users can submit trophy guides for any games that do not have them. If you are logged in you will be able to mark each of the PS4 trophies as unlocked as you progress through the game.

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