It has been a busy month of programming on the site. After getting the Steam achievement code live the next update is back to the Playstation trophy guides. The latest update has enabled a trophy leaderboard on the site. This is something that I had on the site in the past, but due some bad planning on my behalf and some restrictions with Sonys PSN API, I was no longer able to support the toolThe page works as you might expect. You can look over a list of the top PSN players who have collected the most trophies and so on. I hope to further expand this in the future to connect this data in with user profiles and allow for embedded trophy cards for all members.

If you want to check out your position on the leaderboard, check out the leaderboard page and enter your PSN username into the search box.

View PSN Trophy Leaderboard

As with all new updates to the site, please let me know if there are any issues that come up. If you have any suggestions on how to further improve the system, I’m all ears.

As for the next round of updates. I intend to further expand the integration with Steam. I would like to also get a Steam achievements leaderboard setup with the similar base functionality that is in place for the PSN leaderboard.