PSN Indie Game Sale Breakdown

The Vita gets some love this month, with some interesting games cut some decent price cuts

Only games are listed below, no DLC. You can find the cost along with the score given to them on Metacritic, Whether of not the game contains a platinum trophy, The difficulty to obtain 100% of the trophies in the game ( and the length of time it takes to obtain all the trophies.

* We have tried to get most accurate metacritc scores available, if no suitable one is found we resorted to a score from an modern remake or re-release of the game and if no score was found after that we just left it out. also prices may be slightly different based on region

Playstation 3

GameCostMetaScoreWhether this game contains a platinum trophy.100% Difficulty100% Time
Angry Birds Trilogy4.993.99638150 hours +
Worms Revolution Extreme4.994.49677.570 hours
Limbo3.993.198965 hours +
Aabs Animals1.991.59N/A1315 seconds
Alien Breed2.492.246828 hours
Superfrog HD2.492.2455212 hours
Total Recoil0.990.79N/A26 hours
Atomic ninjas3.993.196118 hours
Divekick3.993.19703100 hours +
Nun Attack0.990.796316 hours
Age Of Zombies1.991.597473 hours
Men’s Room Mayhem0.990.7967620 hours
OMG HD Zombies1.991.5978375 +
Burn the rope1.491.1978710 hours
Fort Defense1.991.59N/A26 hours
Sun Flowers0.990.7978215 hours
Furmins Full Game + bonus world2.491.99696N/A
quell Memento1.491.1982
Star Drone Extreme1.491.19N/A33 hours
Pure Chess11.259.0063530 hours
Age Of Zombies1.991.597473 hours



Limbo: is beautiful to look at, fun to play and tries to tell a genuinely interesting story, looks great on the vitas screen and can be burnt through in a few hours. Perfect a single long bus/plane journey.Â

Throphy whore

Worms Revolution Extreme: this sale is bad for trophy hunting, really really bad. So out ogf the massive selection of two games i’m going to have topick Worms, it’s in no way an easy platinum, but worms has always been fun and being able to play it on the go is actually quiet appealing.


Something Different

Divekick: is an unqiue approach to fighting stripping away combos and learning move sets, reducing the controls down to two buttons, but still keeping it depth somehow. if you can get a friend to get a copy as well you can have some serious fun.

The one to avoid

Angry Birds Trilogy: I know everyone rips on angry birds, but in case i think it is totaly justifed. even if we don’t talk about the quality of the game, the fact that you can get the same games for free on other platforms means you shouldn’t waste your money.

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