PS4 Firmware 1.70 Features Detailed

PS4 Firmware 1.70

Sony have been hinting for weeks about the content we can expect to see in the latest PS4  firmware 1.70 firmware release and now they have finally filled us in on everything that the latest firmware update is going to contain.

The first major part of the release is a new application called “SHAREfactory”. This is going to give users some useful editing options for the video recordings they make using the PS4s built in video capture tool. Supposedly they received some help from the Sony Vegas PRO developers to make this a possibility. The video makes editing look incredibly easy and appears to be quite powerful but we will have to wait until users get their hands on the software to decide.

The next features while considerably smaller are by far the most useful features to most gamers who run a YouTube channel. The first is the ability to export videos to USB. Currently the only way to share a video recorded with the PS4 was to upload to Facebook or Twitter but now we are going to be able to export the file to a USB stick where we can go ad edit the file and upload it straight to YouTube.

The second is the ability to disable HDCP while playing games. This for me is the biggest feature of the firmware update. HDCP is a copy protection used on the video signal send from the PS4 that prevents gamers from using a capture card to capture in-game footage. With this feature (more of a disability than a feature) removed gamers can now use their PVRs to capture gameplay from the PS4 over HDMI.

The announcement of firmware 1.7 also detailed a pre download feature that would now be active with the PS4. Pre downloading is a feature that has been active with Steam for quite some time. For digital games that have a release date set in the future, gamers are able to download the game before it is released but are unable to actually play the game until the official release date. This means that you don’t have to waste precious time waiting for the game to download on the day that it is released.

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