Gaming 1080p at 30fps vs 900p at 60fps

1080p vs 900p

Ever since we moved into the HD era, there has been a lot of focus on a games resolution and the frame rate. For those who understand what it’s all about, deciding which to prioritize is a delicate balance.

In layman’s terms resolution is how sharp the image is and the frame rate is how smooth the gameplay will be. If the resolution is too low, the game will appear blurry and if the frame rate is too low the game will appear choppy.

In a perfect world, we would see all games running at an uncapped framerate, far beyond 60fps and everything would be 4k resolution. Sadly, we aren’t quite there yet and as games evolve, we will probably never get to a point where game developers have enough free resources to optimize new games this well.

If faced with a situation where you can’t have the best of both, which would you go for?

Which Resolution / Framerate Combo Would You Prefer

Since we can never have both, which of these configurations would you rather have for gaming?

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900p at 60fps
1080p at 30fps
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