Division 2 or Destiny 2

Division 2 or Destiny 2

The first game in the Destiny franchise was a huge success. People were able to sink a lot of hours into this game, one could argue how well this time was spend when you consider the loot caves people were obsessed with.

The Division may not have had the same level of success the first time around. There was a lot of hype around the game but it fell a little short of the hype. Considering how quickly the second game came around, Ubisoft felt the same.

Destiny 2 and Division 2 took all the best aspects from the first games and made many improvements. The end result are two highly addictive games that have very similar mechanics but very different settings. Picking between Division 2 or Destiny 2 depends on the genre of games that you find the most interesting.

Division 2 tries to focus more on a realistic setting. A virus has taken over Washington and wiped out a large amount of the population. A scenario that hasn’t been a million miles away from what we have been experiencing with COVID-19.

Destiny 2 takes players far away from home. A sci-fi space setting with aliens, space ships, and lots of robotic enemies and foreign planets. It is a very attractive game and plays incredibly well. Not that you would expect any less from a game that Bungee had some input on.

Both games are very similar in terms of gameplay and progression. The division goes for more military-style combat and Destiny goes for a more sci-fi style. If you had to make a choice between the two for one game to play, would you pick Division 2 or Destiny 2?

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