Zacian #888
Zacian image
  • GenerationGeneration VIII
  • RegionGalar
  • Growth RateSlow
  • Habitat
  • TypesFairy
  • Height280 cm
  • Weight110 kg

Zacian is a Pokemon from the galar region. It appears in the national Pokedex as Pokemon number 888. It features under Generation VIII of Pokemon groups. Zacian is a quadruped and is typically found within regions of the wild.It has a low capture rate, making it harder to catch with a standard Pokeball.This Pokemon can hatch from Array eggs.

Zacian has demonstrated the knowledge of 53 different moves in combat across all game appearances.

What Does Zacian Evolve Into

Evolving Pokemon is a process where they can transform into a more powerful or sometimes alternative version of the existing Pokemon. In the games, this can be achieved through levelling up, using an evolution stone or trading Pokemon with friends. Ever wondered what Pokemon Zacian can evolve into? Check out the list below of the 1 unique evolutions in the chain.

Zacian Combat Strengths

Pokemon with the type Fairy have benefits against Pokemon with opposite types. If you face Pokemon with any of the types below, you can have some confidence that Zacian is going to be proficient in combat against Pokemon with the types below.

Double Damage

This Pokemon will experience double damage when fighting against the following Pokemon types.

Double Defense

This Pokemon will experience double defense when fighting against the following Pokemon types.

Zacian Combat Weaknesses

Zacian is based on the Fairy type. This makes it weak against the following types. If you are struggling to defeat Zacian in combat, you should have success using a Pokemon using one or more of the types below. Since some Pokemon have multiple types, make sure you have some moves available that use the type defined below to be able to take advantage of the attack benefits. Alternatively, if you are using this Pokemon in combat, it is best to swap it out for a more suitable Pokemon if your opponent is using any of the following types.

Half Damage

This Pokemon will experience half damage when fighting against the following Pokemon types.

Half Defense

This Pokemon will experience half defense when fighting against the following Pokemon types.

Zacian back_defaultZacian back_shinyZacian front_defaultZacian front_shinyZacian 003-GmaxZacian 006-GmaxZacian 009-GmaxZacian 012-GmaxZacian 025-GmaxZacian 052-GmaxZacian 068-GmaxZacian 094-GmaxZacian 099-GmaxZacian 131-GmaxZacian 133-GmaxZacian 143-GmaxZacian 569-GmaxZacian 809-GmaxZacian 812-GmaxZacian 815-GmaxZacian 818-GmaxZacian 823-GmaxZacian 826-GmaxZacian 834-GmaxZacian 839-GmaxZacian 841-GmaxZacian 842-GmaxZacian 844-GmaxZacian 849-Amped-GmaxZacian 849-Low-Key-GmaxZacian 851-GmaxZacian 858-GmaxZacian 861-GmaxZacian 869-GmaxZacian 879-GmaxZacian 884-GmaxZacian 890-EternamaxZacian 892-Rapid-Strike-GmaxZacian 892-Single-Strike-Gmax

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