Pokemon Go has launched with its fair share of bugs and server issues. Of course, this should be the number 1 priority to fix as most of us are so sick of the frozen ball glitch. Assuming the developer are able to resolve these issues as soon as possible, we can get back to looking for new features rather than just hoping the current features would work. Here is my Pokemon Go update wishlist.

More depth to Pokemon leveling

Using candy and dust feels like a bit of a lazy attempt to implement a feature that has made Pokemon games a lot of fun in the past. I can understand why they have used it and I’m not saying it should be replaced, but it needs to be enhanced. Fighting in gyms needs to give some sort of reward to your Pokemons skill. Even something small like 5CP for every battle you win. You Pokemon should also get a bit of a CP boost each time you level up. What point are the starting Pokemon when they are so rare in the wild that it’s impossible to evolve them to their final form. I still have my 10CP Charmander, because I have gotten up 13 levels and have been unable to catch another one to get more candy.

Generic Candy

This sort of links in with what I said above about rare Pokemon. Catching multiple of the same Pokemon is the way to level up, but when this Pokemon is so rare, it seems pointless. There need to be some generic candys such as fire, water, electric candy. These can be fed to any Pokemon of that type to evolve and power up. It would at least give us the chance to level up all of our Pokemon. If drop rate was reduced to 1 candy per catch, it would be a lot more fair and still remain balanced.

Friends List

Lets face it. The community aspect to this game sucks. It’s underdeveloped and has potential to be so much better than it is. Being able to add people to your friends list and then jump into a session together where the 2 of you can hunt for the same Pokemon, take advantage of one person using incense and so on would be awesome.


Similar to the gym, being able to fight other Pokemon trainers would be great for multiple reasons. A gym is not real time and sometimes it’s a waste of time when you know you can’t win. If the nearest gym is 20km away its not something you can enjoy too often. Being able to meet up with a friend or another trainer, you could initiate a duel and both of you engage in a battle, on the spot, in real time.

Use AR when hunting for nearby Pokemon

The footprints are a pretty poor way to track Pokemon. Most of the time you will be walking around and no matter what you do, all of the Pokemon in the area will be 3 steps away. If you could trigger AR mode and look around the area using your camera for clues it would enhance this and make it more enjoyable and immersive. For example, as you look around you will hear more noise in a particular direction, or if you look on the floor you can actually see some footprints and track the Pokemon like a real hunter would.

Achievement Rewards

On the profile menu there are achievements that can be unlocked for a large number of things such as walking X km and capturing X Pokemon of a particular type. When you unlock one of these you get a nice animation on the screen and then that’s it. The achievements should be unlocked with some kind of reward such as a few Pokeballs or some random candys/dust.

Background Tracking

Battery is quite possibly the biggest complaint about this game. There is a battery saver mode, but my phone goes into sleep mode automatically after a few minutes making it pointless. If you could turn off the screen and leave the phone in your pocket it would save battery, but still allow you to track your distance. There would of course be issues with cheaters here. It is unlikely GPS can be used with background apps opening the door for people to shake their phone while they sit on the couch doing nothing. Some sort of validation next time you open the app to check to see if step count matches the distance from the last login match could be one possible solution to this. There definitely needs to be some way to be able to track progress while the app is running in the background.

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