Number of the Beast: A Drinking Game With A Dark Twist

Number of the Beast

The Number of the Beast is a fun and engaging drinking game that tests your mental sharpness while keeping the mood light and enjoyable. It offers a unique twist from usual drinking games by combining mental challenges with the fun of having a few drinks together.

Setting Up

Getting ready to play the Number of the Beast is simple. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A variety of drinks to match everyone’s tastes.
  2. A seating arrangement that brings everyone close together, enhancing the game’s atmosphere.

Once everyone has a drink and you’ve all gathered around in a circle, you’re ready to take on the Number of the Beast!

Number of the Beast Rules

The Number of the Beast is all about combining mental agility with a bit of fun drinking. Here’s how to play:

  1. Players sit in a circle, drinks in hand, ready to face the game’s challenges.
  2. One player starts the game by saying “1,” followed by the next player in a clockwise direction saying “2.”
  3. The rules for counting up are as follows:
    • Do not say any number that contains ‘6’ (e.g., 6, 16, 26).
    • Replace any multiples of 6 with the word “Beast” (e.g., 12, 18, 24, etc.).
  4. Continue around the circle, with each player either saying a number or saying “Beast” in the right order.
  5. If a player makes a mistake by saying a number they shouldn’t, missing a number, or not saying “Beast” when they should, they have to take a drink before the game goes on.

Optional Rules and Variations

You can make the game of Number of the Beast even more exciting with these variations:

  1. Diabolical Difficulty: Make the game harder by adding more digits to avoid (e.g., ‘3’ and ‘6’) or using “Beast” for multiples of other numbers.
  2. The Dance of Degrees: Make players do a funny dance move whenever they say “Beast” to add more fun to the game.
  3. Reversal Ritual: Add a trigger, like the number ’13,’ that changes the direction of play for an unpredictable twist.

Tips to Beat the Number of the Beast

  1. Mnemonic Magic: Use mental strategies, like chunking or making auditory associations, to improve your memory and navigate around the number ‘6.’
  2. Pace and Poise: Keep a good balance between speed and care to avoid mistakes while keeping the game flowing.
  3. Celebrate the Shared Sorcery: Whether you’re a master of the numbers or make frequent mistakes, remember to enjoy the game and the laughter and connection it brings.

The Number of the Beast is a great way to make any gathering more lively and memorable. This game combines mental challenges with a fun and relaxed drinking game, creating a unique experience for all involved. As always, remember to drink responsibly, respect your limits, and focus on making great memories. So, get ready, embrace the challenge of the number ‘6,’ and start playing Number of the Beast!

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