I don’t own a Wii U but after watching Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year I really want one. In past years Nintendo have focused on party games that make you jump around the room with your friends with Wii Motes. This year things have changed! Nintendo successfully delivered a conference that was directed toward the hardcore gamer instead of the casual party gamer. The conference started out with an awesome fight between Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata, which ended up being an opening video for Super Smash Bros. This was an entertaining way to show off the game since most of us already know what Super Smash Bros is all about.

On top of an entertaining battle for the intro they had multiple clips of a clay animation style video that pokes fun at Nintendo in a good way. These really helped lighten the mood and kept things funny.

The highlight of the event was the large amount of exclusive games that they announced. It was unfortunate that a lot of 3rd party publishers have dropped support for the Wii U but Nintendo have shown that they have enough talent with first party teams to be able to produce enough content to add some major appeal to the system. Splatoon was the game that stood out to me most of all since it looked quite unique and it didn’t look like a traditional Nintendo game that used Mario or some other Nintendo character.

Unfortunately the conference was very short! Nintendo showed us a lot of great first part content but the lack of any 3rd party stuff was a let down and was likely the reason the event was so much shorter than the others. I still didn’t see the event as a failure since they cant control 3rd parties but they can manage their developers and Nintendo really did a great job showing off what they have in the pipeline for the Wii U. After watching E3 2014 I think┬áthere is hope for the Wii U , maybe it’s worth the money to pick one up!

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