Along with a new version of the Unreal Engine comes a new version of Unreal Tournament. Not much to go on other than it’s going to be free. The tweet states “Confirmed on #unrealdev @Twitch stream: Unreal Tournament development starts today. PC, Mac, Linux. Free. Not F2P, just free.”.

There has been a complete run down of everything that the game is going to contain and how it’s going to be done. Lime me you are probably asking how is it going to be free? Click here to find out everything!

This is definitely a very interesting spin on a very popular franchise that has seen a drop in popularity with the more recent iterations of the game. Now that we have a new Unreal Tournament game that is going to have a lot of fan input and will likely be used to push the new Unreal Engine, things are gonna be interesting. Not only will the games visuals rock, but the fan input will likely make this game as close as possible to the original classic Unreal Tournament games.

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