New Survival Horror Where Aliens Abduct Your Baby

aliens abduct

The Hum: Abductions is an upcoming horror set to be released on the PC and PS4. There are a lot of horror games on the market lately, but this is one of the first games in quite some time to feature some good old classic aliens. Judging from the trailer below this game is set to be one seriously scary experience. The games official website describes the games story.

For years, people have been hearing mysterious, foreboding, mechanical type noises around the Earth without explanation. The source could never be identified. It was blamed on machinery, electronics and even the Earth’s moving tectonic plates, but not a single scientific mind could locate the cause of this strange phenomenon.

One day the source of The Hum was revealed, and all the conspiracists were wrong.

This doesn’t give us a crazy amount of information about the game, but it’s enough to get a bit of excitement built over this game. When aliens abduct anything its cool, but when it’s family the story can get a little deeper. Let’s hope we get another look at some gameplay soon.

Here is a trailer that will definitely help ou crap your pants!

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