Sony made the decision to change the screen on the PS Vita from OLED to LCD. The change according to Sony was because there was no difference any more between the two technologies and it made more sense for them to change to the cheaper LCD format. On closer inspection gamers found that there was actually a big difference between the two screens. This news was unsurprising and confirmed that Sony changed LCD to cut costs. An American based start-up company named Kateeva looks as though they could allow OLED Screens return to the PS Vita.

Kateeva have developed a process that allows them to mass produce large OLED screens in an incredibly short amount of time and most importantly very cheaply. The process is called YIELDjet and uses an ink jet method to print OLED screens that are flexible and cost effective. The company claims that this process can also produce large screens with ease. Recently Kateeva have bought out a south Korean company called OLED Plus and have used this company to establish Kateeva Korea. Kateeva now have a presence in the Korean market which puts them up against the screen manufacturing giants such as Samsung.

Click here to read more about Kateeva’s YIELDjet technology.

The OLED screen in the first generation Vita was produced by Samsung, who are responsible for the manufacture of the vast majority of OLED screens in mobile devices. e.g. Apple iPhones and Galaxy smart phones. Kateeva are now in a position to strike and bring OLED back to the Vita by offering a cheap and efficient way to provide Sony with OLED screens for the Vita.

If Samsung were to take over a company like Kateeva it would give them the financial boost along with the supply and infrastructure that Samsung have to provide the world with low prices OLED screens. Samsung have demoed flexible OLED screens but they are not yet ready for mass production, Kateeva could be exactly what they need to get the ball rolling for flexable smart phones.

Sony are surely looking for every opportunity to further drive down the costs of the Vita while still maintaining a quality product. If they can bring back OLED and reduce costs it seems like an all round win for Sony and gamers.

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