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Most of us are fairly clueless when it comes to the culture from the middle ages. You know a medieval sounding name when you hear it but it’s kinda hard to come up with a bunch of random suggestions right? That is definitely the issue I had when I started building the data list for this page. When the only medieval names you know are those of famous lords and barons, it is tricky coming up with a name for the average Joe.

Having spent time looking into Medieval names, quite a lot of them are still in circulation. Johns have existed since the dawn of time it seems. When you are looking for a random medieval name, something like John isn’t really going to cut it.

This tool will give you a list of medieval names that sound like they are from the old times. I have specifically added older names that are not common anymore or some which are so old then are not even in use anymore.

You can use this to generate male and female medieval names. Just use the form below and select the gender in the dropdown box. All of the seed data is hand picked from a database of names from the middle ages. They should be good for a regular person who is not from a high standing family. If you want to make it sound a little more fancy, throw sir or lord in front and put “of” in between the first and second name.


Cool Medieval Names

Here are some of the cooler medieval names for males that this tool has generated. Clicking the button above will provide you with a bunch of suggestions similar to these. You can also switch the gender to female using the dropdown.

  • Sir Letholdus Gregory
  • Sir Fendrel Duke of Wainwright
  • Hadrian Bryson
  • Ulric Gregory
  • Quinn Fisher
  • Lord Robin of Lancaster
  • Lord Gregory Kilner
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