Desert Temple Minecraft Seeds

Desert temples can be risky places to visit for people who are unfamiliar. They contain more loot than other temples but the risk is also a little bigger. They spawn very frequently in deserts and with only a single TNT trapped area with loot, grabbing everything from them is quick, so long as you take it handy.

Where To Find Desert Temples

Much like jungle temples, the clue to the location is in the name. Desert temples are found exclusively in desert biomes. These biomes are very easy to spot as they are covered entirely in sand with very little else to see. The temples are very easy to spot due to the orange blocks that are used on the exterior of the building. The main block for desert temples is sandstone. This does help the structures blend in well with the sand around, but you will often spot them when in distance due to the more unuual structure of them.

Desert temples are probably the most common kind of temple in Minecraft. Deserts are often big and you will almost always get at least one desert temple. There are many seeds below where several temples have been found all within a very small area.

Desert Temple Loot & Enemies

Desert temples contain 4 chests. You might think that this is a lottery win compared to the jungle but it is not always the case. The loot found in these chests can range from random garbage to diamonds. You might get 4 amazing chests or 4 chests filled with spider eyes and bones.

There are no enemies in desert temples but there are traps. The trap in this temple is enough to kill you right away and can also destroy the loot that you carefully dropped down to obtain. Once you step inside the desert temple, you will see a series of blocks on the floor. Orange wool surrounding a blue block in the middle. Do not mine this blue block. If you fall down it will detonate TNT which will usually kill everyone. Instead, you need to mine one of the orange blocks nearby. This will allow you to safely fall down to the area below without triggering the pressure plate. Once you have made it down safely, it is a good idea to mine out the TNT below the floor. It will avoid the risk of you setting it off and you will get 9 TNT blocks for free!


Desert Temple Seeds

Below is a collection of minecraft desert temple seeds. Users have charted these seeds and marked the coordinates of desert temples to save you the trouble of having to hunt for them


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Large X Shaped Ravine

Bedrock Edition
Just south of spawn is a desert village with the stronghold. Nearby you can find and enchanted apple in in a dungeon. Also slightly further...
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Pillager Tower, Desert Temple and Ravine Inside A Village

Seed abnormalities are fairly common and they are why I created this Minecraft seed database in the first place. This is one seed that is...
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Awesome Temple Seed, Lots of Jungle and Desert temples (Easy Loot)

Bedrock Edition 1.9
This seed is a serious goldmine for tempeles. It can be tricky enough to find desert tempeles so I am sure there are a bunch...
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Village & Pilliage Seed - 2 Pillager Towers 15 Villages

Bedrock Edition 1.11
If you are wanting to experience the best of what the new Village & Pillage update for Minecraft has, then this is a seed that...
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Mesa biome seed with lots of village (4 Villages with desert temple)

Bedrock Edition 1.9
Found this to be a great seed for survival since it is alll rounded. There is a decent mixture of biomes combined with temples with...
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Massive Console Edition Seed (7 Villages, 3 Temples and 2 Mansions)

Console Edition TU64
This dense seed contains a huge amount of structures stuffed into a classic size map. 7 Temples, 3 woodland mansions and 6 villages in 1 seed....