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Mushroom biome, village with exposed ruins and stronghold all at spawn!

Bedrock Edition 1.8.1
This is a great seed for people who do not like spending too much time hunting for stuff. The spawn location has more than enough...
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4 Villages, 3 Temples and 3 Mansions all together

Console Edition
So when it comes to making life easy without cheating, this seed is going to be the holy grail of easy Minecraft seeds. The map...
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Zombie Village (Nighttime Only)

Java Edition 1.12
Wanna crank up the difficulty and slay your way through hordes of undead villagers in a town of the dead? Well, this is the seed...
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Woodland Mansion Seed for Minecraft PE

Pocket Edition
Since their introduction, woodland mansions have been one of the greatest finds you can come across. With rooms filled with loot that more often than...
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Massive Console Edition Seed (7 Villages, 3 Temples and 2 Mansions)

Console Edition TU64
This dense seed contains a huge amount of structures stuffed into a classic size map. 7 Temples, 3 woodland mansions and 6 villages in 1 seed....
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Village Seed with a Mansion inside

Bedrock Edition
You will find a village right ahead of the spawn. Directly from here, you will then see another village in the distance that has a...