Biome Minecraft Seeds


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15 Villages, 7 temples with 5 biomes at spawn

Bedrock 1.11
This Minecraft seed is a real gem. It's got lots of villages for you to enjoy in the new village and pillage update. It also...
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Triple Village Next To Mesa Mineshaft and Zombie Village

Bedrock Edition
Multi village seeds are always fun, this one is unique in that it is in an unusual location. First off you have an awesome mesa...
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Woodland Mansion Seed and Village/Ruins next to Mooshroom Biome

Java Edition 1.13
This is a cool village seed for the Java edition of the game. It has been tested to work with version 1.13 of the game....
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Mushroom biome, village with exposed ruins and stronghold all at spawn!

Bedrock Edition 1.8.1
This is a great seed for people who do not like spending too much time hunting for stuff. The spawn location has more than enough...
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Giant Mushroom and Mushroom Cow Island

Java Edition
Definitely a weird one. Dedicated seed or not, the giant mushrooms and the weird cows that live in this biome are weird no matter what...