Bedrock Edition Minecraft Seeds

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Minecraft Bedrock edition is the latest version of Minecraft. It can be a little tricky to know whether your game is running this or not. If the main menu has the Minecraft logo with nothing below it, then you are running the bedrock edition. If it says PlayStation 4 Edition or anything else, then you are not running bedrock. This guide will explain what Bedrock edition actually is. This page is all about the best seeds for Minecraft bedrock edition.

Below are a list of Minecraft seeds that will work on the Bedrock Edition of the game. As of January 2019, this covers the Xbox One, IOS, Android and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. All versions of Minecraft pocket edition have been replaced with Bedrock. Older Minecraft PE seeds will no longer work, you must use these seeds going forward. If you are unsure about anything, see the link above.

All of these seeds have documented coordinates of all sorts of cool structures, world formations and various other things that make these worlds worth playing. A lot of them will feature stuff right at the spawn point and others will list the coordinates that you must travel to. Please read the seed description carefully to avoid making a mistake.


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Awesome Temple Seed, Lots of Jungle and Desert temples (Easy Loot)

Bedrock Edition 1.9
This seed is a serious goldmine for tempeles. It can be tricky enough to find desert tempeles so I am sure there are a bunch...
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15 Villages, 7 temples with 5 biomes at spawn

Bedrock 1.11
This Minecraft seed is a real gem. It's got lots of villages for you to enjoy in the new village and pillage update. It also...
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Village & Pilliage Seed - 2 Pillager Towers 15 Villages

Bedrock Edition 1.11
If you are wanting to experience the best of what the new Village & Pillage update for Minecraft has, then this is a seed that...
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Large Minecraft City Seed (Lots of Diamonds & Iron Golems)

Bedrock Edition 1.8.1
Normally cities are a couple of overlapping villages that come together to make a city. I guess this is what defines a city in the...
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Mushroom biome, village with exposed ruins and stronghold all at spawn!

Bedrock Edition 1.8.1
This is a great seed for people who do not like spending too much time hunting for stuff. The spawn location has more than enough...
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Village On Survival Island - Lots of buried treasure and chests

Bedrock Edition 1.9
This is a great seed for treasre hunting while also making an incredibly cool survival island seed. Starting with the island, there is a fairly...
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Mesa biome seed with lots of village (4 Villages with desert temple)

Bedrock Edition 1.9
Found this to be a great seed for survival since it is alll rounded. There is a decent mixture of biomes combined with temples with...


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