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Zombie Village (Nighttime Only)

Wanna crank up the difficulty and slay your way through hordes of undead villagers in a town of the dead? Well, this is the seed for you!

Start the game during the night and you will start out in a village that is full of zombies. You will have until the morning to survive since the mobs will all burn when the sun hits of course. This seed is quite unique though. It isn't really one you want to use to setup camp for an exciting new world of building. If you are up or playing some random mini-game, this will be something you can use to pass the time and test your combat skills. 

No better way to get good at killing zombies than an entire village that is plagued with them. 

Game Versions: PC 1.12
Seed ID: -908740482700880945

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January 13th, 2019 12:14 am

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