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Woodland Mansion and Village/Ruins next to Mooshroom Biome

Woodland Mansion Seed

This is a cool village seed for the Java edition of the game. It has been tested to work with version 1.13 of the game. The seed should work on older versions of the game but there will be some alterations to the village and some other random changes. There are some additional coordinates below for some interesting locations to visit. One of the cooler locations is a shipwreck that has spawned in a small lake with some of the shipwreck exposed above the surface of the water. 

As you can see from the image, there is a large woodland mansion with a mooshroom biome nearby. Lots of exploration to keep you busy!

Credit goes to TelepathicGrunt on reddit for discovering this seed.

Game Versions: Java Edition 1.13 and older
Seed ID: -1789054470723013006

Points of Interest

  • Mansion next to Mushroom Biome: 466 62 315
  • Village/Exposed Ruins/Mushroom Biome: 90 63 322
  • Chest for Ruins listed above: 78 60 351
  • Exposed Shipwreck in Mushroom Biome lake: 273 62 270
  • Mineshaft under Mushroom Biome: 297 25 217
  • Ocean Monument: -380 60 -240
This seed has been confirmed to work with the following game version(s): Java Edition 1.13
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