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Massive City Seed - 100+ Diamonds (Iron Golems & Lots of Villagers)


Large Minecraft city seed

Normally cities are a couple of overlapping villages that come together to make a city. I guess this is what defines a city in the real world too, but this one feels a lot different. It doesn't seem very glitchy or anything like that. It is just one GIANT city seed. There will be a huge amount of villagers already there. To give you an idea of just how many villagers there are, there are 2 iron golems that spawn there naturally. Finding a single Iron golem without some manual intervention is rare enough to begin with.

To find this city you will need to make a short journey since you do not spawn at the location. To make life easy, here are the coordinates of the village. 965, 75, 348. You will likely see the village from far off anyway. It really isn't that far of a walk from the spawn location.

The good news is there will be some blacksmiths here for you to get some free and easy loot at the start. One of these blacksmiths will have a bunch of iron gear with iron ingots too.

Underneath the village is a large ravine too. Make sure to protect the entrance to it or you will find the villages end up wandering down here and getting lost or killed.

I have coordinates for loads of diamonds below. This is a great seed for diamonds as you will have the location of them all without needing to go hunting. Get a fortune pickaxe and you could end up with a few hundred diamonds. There is also a hidden treasure chest with lots of gold and iron in it. Also has a heart of the sea nad some prismarine crystals. Very good find for some rare loot. 

Game Versions: Bedrock Edition (Xbox, Switch & Mobile)
Seed ID: 845261509

Points of Interest

Here are all of the interesting coordinates that have been discovered in this seed. 

  • End Portal: 870, 22, 307
  • Buried Treasure: 568, 60, 584 - Lots of iron and gold bars. 1 Heart of the sea, 6 Prismarine crystals
  • Spider Spawner (2 chests): 1335, 13, 403
  • Zombie Spawner (2 chests): 2818, 52, 905


Diamond Locations

Below are the coordinates for lots of diamonds. Since all of these are low level, be careful of the lava. Quite a few of these are in dangerous locations so make sure you come prepared and as always, do not dig down.

  • 1014, 12, 316 [x5]
  • 1084, 13, 245 [x4]
  • 1052, 10, 369 [x2]
  • 913, 13, 284 [x7]
  • 734, 13, 499 [x8]
  • 1224, 13, 469 [x5]
  • 1340, 12, 467 [x8]
  • 1304, 11, 393 [x2]
  • 1277, 11, 390 [x8]
  • 897, 11, 381 [x2]
  • 1068, 13, 446 [x8]
  • 1090, 13, 457 [x3]
  • 1058, 11, 505 [x1]
  • 1041, 11, 496 [x4]
  • 1040, 11, 555 [x4]
  • 1040, 9, 591 [x4]
  • 735, 11, 632 [x2]
  • 705, 12, 512 [x4]
  • 745, 14, 363 [x6]


This seed has been confirmed to work with the following game version(s): Bedrock Edition 1.8.1
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