Pillager Tower, Desert Temple and Ravine Inside A Village

Seed Code: -1390447308
Game Version: Bedrock

Seed abnormalities are fairly common and they are why I created this Minecraft seed database in the first place. This is one seed that is most definitely an abnormality in the engine as it makes no sense at all. A pillager tower, a temple and a ravine all inside a single village in the desert.

Having a desert temple spawn inside a village isn’t that strange. They make for some great starter villages, but having a pillager tower is not. Mainly because the whole point of pillagers in this game is to kill the villagers. Who cares anyway, if you get here fast enough, you will be able to enjoy the fun.

You do not spawn at this village, so you will need to make your way there. You actually spawn on a mushroom island which is pretty cool.

Village Location: -695, 81, -829

Supported Platforms: Android, IOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One,
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