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Medium Survival Island

Survival island seeds can be a lot of fun. Having a small area of land to focus all of your attention on stops you from getting too greedy. Some of the most enjoyable building can be done when you are...
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Island Surrounded In Ice

Not too far away from the first survival island seed, I posted for Minecraft on PC. This seed differs in that you are surrounded by a load of large ice bergs. Helps to give your game a bit of a...
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Zombie Village (Nighttime Only)

Wanna crank up the difficulty and slay your way through hordes of undead villagers in a town of the dead? Well, this is the seed for you! Start the game during the night and you will start out in a...
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Giant Mushroom and Mushroom Cow Island

Definitely a weird one. Dedicated seed or not, the giant mushrooms and the weird cows that live in this biome are weird no matter what is going on. If you like these guys and want to experience some more of...
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Triple Village With Flat Land

Starting up a new settlement often involves a lot of work to clear out land and find enough space to build some larger buildings. Finding a village is a great headstart to building your own settlement. This seed has 3...
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Lots of Diamonds 70+ Easy Diamond Seed

No matter how big your settlement becomes, there is one thing that everyone is alwys going to hunt down...DIAMONDS! I don't know if this seed has more diamonds than the average seed, but what it does have is a lot...
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Large survival island seed with Mooshroom biome

I am a big fan of survival island seeds. There are only so many basic islands before new seeds stop being interesting. This is a survival island seed that is not so basic. This seed starts you out on a...
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Woodland Mansion Seed for Minecraft PE

Since their introduction, woodland mansions have been one of the greatest finds you can come across. With rooms filled with loot that more often than not trump even the best temples and blacksmith chests. Finding woodland mansions are rare enough...
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Castaway Style Survival Island

This survival island seed is quite unique with the landscape that it has. It reminds me a bit of the island from castaway. Some trees with a beach area then with some large cliffs and rocky area. I would say...
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Mooshroom Village Seed

An unusually short seed number, no excuse for inputting this one incorrectly. The spawn point makes it seem like a fairly normal seed but if you head west from where you start, you will walk across a desert. Once you...


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