Mooshroom Village Seed

Seed Code: 1754
Game Version: Pocket Edition

An unusually short seed number, no excuse for inputting this one incorrectly. The spawn point makes it seem like a fairly normal seed but if you head west from where you start, you will walk across a desert. Once you get toward the end you will come across a mooshroom biome. Not all that rare on its own but if you explore further around this biome you will find that there is actually a village in the mooshroom biome.

I don’t think that these biomes have villages built into the code for them. This seems to be caused by a village spawning on a nearby biome that supports them and it has spilled over into the mooshroom biome which makes it a rare seed and a very unusual one at that.

For those who love to find villages and turn them into cities, this seed is a good one to go for. It’s not every day you get to build a mushroom village and have actual villagers live there.

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