Mesa biome seed with lots of village (4 Villages with desert temple)

double mesa village
Seed Code: -1151131938
Game Version: Bedrock Edition 1.9

Found this to be a great seed for survival since it is alll rounded. There is a decent mixture of biomes combined with temples with other world structures. Right near the spawn point you willl find a village and if you look to the nearby mesa biome, you will see another mesa village with the nice red roofs.

There are quire a few villages a bunch of which are in mesa biomes and have the nice red colored roofs. I have listed all of the coordinates below. I also found a desert temple.

Points of Interest

  • 767, 65, 132 : Village
  • 902, 68, 31 : Mesa Village
  • 1090, 40, 9 : Ridge
  • 592, 70, -647 : Witches Hut
  • 30, 71, 517 : Desert Temple
  • 71, 70, 322 : Mesa Village
  • 142, 71, 74 : Mesa Village
Supported Platforms: Android, IOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One,

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