Lots of Diamonds 70+ Easy Diamond Seed

Seed Code: -75256058
Game Version: Console Edition TU52

No matter how big your settlement becomes, there is one thing that everyone is alwys going to hunt down…DIAMONDS! I don’t know if this seed has more diamonds than the average seed, but what it does have is a lot of charted coordinates. The list below will give you the coordinates of many diamonds.

This seed comes to you from the YouTuber Skrausy. I will embed the video of this seed below that will show you a lot of the cool stuff on the map. I have gone through a lot of the comments and found a lot of extra points of interest that I will add to the list below to give a complete overview of this seed. Please check out Skrausys video and give it a thumbs up to give him some credit for finding this seed.

This seed uses world size classic. This is a bit of a pain in the hole since you will have a lot less space to work with, but since you have the locations of all the stuff below it will help and if you are playing this on the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360, this seed will work for you. It should work on all versions of Minecraft Console Edition. If anyone finds some additional things worth mentioning, leave a comment below with the coordinates.

Points of Interest

  • x(15) y(28) z(261) (End Portal)
  • x(94) y(71) z(374) (Desert Temple)
  • x(60) y(55) z(256) (Revine)

Diamond Locations

  • x(179) y(12) z(274) (x8)
  • x(168) y(15) z(281) (x2)
  • x(184) y(14) z(240) (x2)
  • x(176) y(14) z(223) (x4)
  • x(130) y(12) z(248) (x8)
  • x(-412) y(14) z(376) (x1)
  • x(91) y(15) z(-22) (x6)
  • x(389) y(12) z(-217) (x3)
  • x(261) y(11) z(-313) (x6)
  • x(106) y(13) z(240) (x5)
  • x(147) y(13) z(142) (x2)
  • x(137) y(14) z(73) (x4)
  • x(64) y(4) z(69) (x3)
  • x(-3) y(13) z(142) (x2)
  • x(22) y(12) z(249) (x8)
  • x(88) y(13) z(260) (x4))
  • x(162) y(14)¬† z(273) (x8)
  • x(239) y(8) z(369) (x8)
  • x(285) y(14) z(204) (x4)

Mob Spawners

  • x -100 y 69 z 236
  • x 63 y 57 z 253
  • x 88 y 14 z 285
  • x; 193 y; 60 z; 344
  • x 134, y 54, z 173


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