Large City With Lots of Buildings

Seed Code: -326097049
Game Version: Pocket Edition

A very large city that is made up of 4 villages. The place looks great and to top it off there are 3 blacksmiths with some loot for you. The villages are stacked pretty tight together making this a very big Minecraft city seed. It actually looks like a city from the get go, you won’t need to spend much time filling in the gaps.

The only drawback with this seed is you do not spawn directly at the city. It is a very easy one to find though as there is a natural path to get there, the river! So from the spawn location turn around and go south. Once you jump out of the little hole you spawn in you will see a river to your left. Keep following this river. You will eventually get to a point where it dries up as it goes through a desert biome. (As a side note, head to the right when the river dries up and you will find a desert temple partially covered by sand). Keep following the dried river and it will eventually water will appear in it again.  The river will currently be going through a desert with sand on either side of it. As soon as grass appears on the right side of the river, take a turn to the right and you will hit the city. I know this isn’t ideal but once you find it, you will very happy you put the effort into finding it.

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