Easy Double Village With Stronghold

Seed Code: village pls
Game Version: Pocket Edition

This seed number is actually a word that makes sense. One of the many examples of Minecraft seeds that appear to be programmed into the game to do something special. This seed has a double village at spawn, you might expect this considering the name of the seed.

You start out in the middle of 3 different biomes, regular forest, desert, and savanna. Each of the villages will have blacksmiths that have chests with a LOT of obsidian, I don’t know what that’s all about, but it means you can travel to the nether fairly quickly.

To give this seed more of a long term appeal, the end portal stronghold is directly below the village in the desert biome. It isn’t even that deep down. This makes this seed a perfect one to start out if you want to get started with a feature-packed seed with very little exploration required.

With all the monster spawners down below you will be able to set up some XP and loot farms using these. You will also find a lot of loot chests down in the stronghold that has lots of seed also making this a great seed for those wanting to set up a farm above ground. Great variety of plant seeds to plant and grow.

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