Awesome Temple Seed, Lots of Jungle and Desert temples (Easy Loot)

temple seed
Seed Code: 685638564
Game Version: Bedrock Edition 1.9

This seed is a serious goldmine for tempeles. It can be tricky enough to find desert tempeles so I am sure there are a bunch of more that I didn’t find. This is a weird seed. Its a fairly massive desert with jungle and forest biomes scattered in and around it. This ends up giving you cool locations like the one in the image above. A desert temple right at the edge of a forest.

This seed is a great one to get started with as you will end up having loads of high level and rare loot that would normally take a lot of effort to find if you were to go for a seed that just has lots of villages. Fortunately, there is a village in this seed which wil be a great place to get started and a place to store all your loot as you go out to explore and find all of the temples that are in this seed.

Game Versions: Bedrock edition (Tested on Xbox and Android)
Seed ID: 685638564

Points of Interest

  • Desert Temple: 92, 65, 1130 (Temple is mostly below the surface of the sand, just a small part of it that can be seen above the surface)
  • Mesa Village: 67, 70, 963
  • Desert Temple: 58, 65, 889
  • Redwood Tree Biome: 1218, 202, 2068
  • Desert Temple: 694, 64, -486
  • Jungle Biome: 42, 70, -1301
  • Jungle Temple: 70, 68, -1795 (diamond horse armor)
  • Jungle Temple: 343, 60, -2228
Supported Platforms: Android, IOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One,
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