3 Woodland Mansions & 2 Pillager Towers At Spawn!

Seed Code: MILKYCUM (-631500355)
Game Version: PlayStation 4 Edition

For those looking for a nice woodland mansion seed on the PlayStation 4, look no further. This is hands down the best seed you are going to find. Three mansions all together at the spawn location. On top of this, 2 pillager towers.

With a seed name like MILKYCUM, it is hard to expect much but this is far from it. It has miklycum blowing out of its nostrils…sorry for that image.

The downside is that this is for the PlayStation 4 edition of the game. It has not been tested on other versions, but since it is uncommon for seeds from the PS4 to work on the bedrock edition of the game, you will probably be unable to play this on any other platforms.

Supported Platforms: PlayStation 4,
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