Minecraft Seeds For Windows PC

This is a collection of Minecraft seeds for Windows. While some may be for the windows edition, the majority of these seeds will be for the Java edition of Minecraft.

Eventually, once the Bedrock edition is released on all platforms, the Java seeds will no longer be in use and will work the same as all other Bedrock edition seeds for Minecraft.

If you have found a great Minecraft seed for PC and want to share it, click here to submit a new Minecraft seed.


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Woodland Mansion Seed and Village/Ruins next to Mooshroom Biome

This is a cool village seed for the Java edition of the game. It has been tested to work with version 1.13 of the game....
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Medium Survival Island

Survival island seeds can be a lot of fun. Having a small area of land to focus all of your attention on stops you from...
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Island Surrounded In Ice

Not too far away from the first survival island seed, I posted for Minecraft on PC. This seed differs in that you are surrounded by...
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Zombie Village (Nighttime Only)

Wanna crank up the difficulty and slay your way through hordes of undead villagers in a town of the dead? Well, this is the seed...
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Giant Mushroom and Mushroom Cow Island

Definitely a weird one. Dedicated seed or not, the giant mushrooms and the weird cows that live in this biome are weird no matter what...