zombie xp farm

Zombie XP Farm

Materials needed to make a zombie xp farm in Minecraft

  1. 15 signs
  2. Torches
  3. Water buckets
  4. Pickaxe + shovel

Step 1

Put torches all around the zombie spawner and make a 9×9 room, leaving the spawner directly in the middle. There should be a space of 4 on either side of the spawner. Then dig down by 2.

Zombie XP Farm Spawner
Zombie XP Farm Spawner

Step 2

On the back wall put down buckets of water. Where the water stops, dig down by 1. Where you have dug down by 1, put water on both of the edges so that the water comes to 1 point in the middle.

Xp FarmWater Gradient
Xp FarmWater Gradient

Step 3

Where the water comes to 1 point in the middle, dig 2 blocks into the wall. On the first block that you dug, put down 1 sign on the top block. On the second block that you dug, put
down 1 sign on the bottom block. On top of the block, put down a bucket of water. On top of the water put down a sign and then put another sign above the water. Keep repeating this until your 15 signs are gone.

XP Farm Waterfall
XP Farm Waterfall

Step 4

When the signs are gone, build a short platform that is only 1 block wide and put a 2-high wall around it to stop light from getting in. Then dig down 22 blocks. Make a room whatever size you want. This is where you will be when you are killing the zombies. When you kill zombies you may get potatoes, carrots, iron ingots and armour.

Zombie Kill Room
Zombie Kill Room

Step 5

Once you have got this far., take away all the torches you have place down. This will maximize the spawning rates of your zombie xp farm and will allow you to get xp faster.

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