Minecraft Spider Farm

String and Cactus Farm

Materials needed to build a string/cactus farm in Minecraft

  1. Buckets of water
  2. Torches
  3. Sand
  4. Cactus
  5. Hoppers

Step 1

When you find a spider spawner, put torches all around it so that spiders don’t spawn. Then clear out a 9×9 room around it, so dig out 4 on either side. Then dig down and up by 2. On the back wall, put down buckets of water going across.

Spider Spawner
Spider Spawner

Step 2

On the last row of blocks that are covered by the water, replace them with hoppers. Then dig out one more block from the hopper and replace every second block with sand and put cactus on top of the sand

Cactus Growing
Cactus Growing

Step 3

Attach a chest to the end hopper

Capture Chest
Capture Chest

Step 4

Clear out a room where you will be afk. Make sure to light up the room to avoid mobs from spawning and killing you.

String Farm AFK Room
String Farm AFK Room

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