Minecraft Pyramid

Sandstone Pyramid

Materials used to make a pyramid in Minecraft

2.Sandstone stairs

The best place to make a sandstone pyramid is in the desert. You can make a pyramid out of any block, but sandstone looks the best.

Step 1

Clear out an area that is large enough to fix a square that is 43×43 blocks. It is best to try and find a place that is already as flat as possible to save having to spend large amounts of time clearing the land before beginning work.

Step 2 

Start by making a line of 20 blocks, then skip 3 blocks. These 3 blocks will be used as an entrance to the pyramid. After the 3 skipped blocks place another 20. This will make up 1 side of the pyramids base. Repeat this on the other 3 sides to make a complete square. If you don’t want to have the entrance on all 4 sides you could just place a single row of 43 on a single side, but it looks best to have it the same on all sides.
Step 3

Now that you have a perfect square, it’s time to start building upwards. Move in 1 block and start building another square around the outside. You do not necessarily need to fill in the space underneath the blocks as you build upwards. Since gravity doesn’t effect most blocks, you could save time by leaving the pyramid hollow and then building it properly inside once the main structure is completed. It is worth noting that if the pyramid is hollow, there is a risk that monsters could spawn inside. If its a creeper, he may destroy some of the structure, so be careful.

Step 4

Once you have made it to the top, you should have a perfect pyramid shape. You should also have a gap that is 3 blocks wide on all 4 sides of the pyramid, build up to the top using sandstone stairs. This should build the pyramid up to a perfect point and will also allow you to run up without having to jump.

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